Movement Mondays: RD's Magic Bullet

“Training fundamental movement patterns that are foreign to your nervous system can help safely kickstart your metabolism.” - Dr. Mark Cheng

Who knew this little quote would become the backbone for what we do at Results Driven? This concept is what sets Results Driven apart from any other facility. We don’t have to destroy you to get you to your strength, movement or fat loss goal. All we have to do is evaluate you and follow a simple progression to help you be successful, safely.

Watch the video and read below to learn more.

Orthopedic issues, being over-weight or obese are cutting American’s lives short. Movement and fitness has to be one of the components to getting out of the hole, but most people are unsuccessful at traditional gyms and don’t know where to start on their own...


Where can you start?


1… Foam rolling

Simply run up and down your quad with a foam roll you can buy in most sports stores. If you find a “less-than-pleasant” spot, stop and breathe. You can roll your quads, hamstrings, calves, butt, and most of your back. 


2… Spend Time in Half Kneeling.

With one knee up and one knee down, watch tv, play with your children or pet the dog. Doing this repeatedly gets you up and down off of the floor, which many of us don’t do often enough, and puts your hips in an advantageous position for your body.


3... Move Your Lower Body

Try quadruped diagonals (also called bird-dogs), bridging or leg lowering. Keeping the upper-body still in these exercises while moving the lower body allows the brain to put the pieces together and learn to control your hips more effectively.


4... Add Some Strength On Top

4… Perform exercises like split squats or deadlifts. Now that you’ve taught your body to control it’s self, add strength on top to make your new mobility accessible outside of the gym. 

Positions like this are accessible to a lot of people, whether they’re new to fitness or already partake regularly. Training these positions that are foreign to our bodies, like Dr. Cheng said, are a great way to boost the metabolism without running more miles or lifting more weight. It’s actual science, not “bro-science.”

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