Rule the Morning: 3 Protein Packed Breakfasts

Rule the Morning, Rule the Day!

Your days start crazy and end crazier! Getting the goof troop off to school, yourself to work, then home, going back out, getting home AGAIN, making dinner, goof troop to bed and you too.

Does your head hurt just reading that?

Look how much is on your plate (no pun intended). If you don’t eat you won’t have the energy and the couch will suck you in somewhere between, “Getting home,” and “Going back out.”

Breakfast is a huge part of this equation and it’s really hard to find healthy breakfasts on the go. That’s why we’re here to help!

What’s that, you don’t have time?

Here are 3 protein packed breakfast ideas for the on-the-go adult!

1) Leftovers (prep time: 3 extra minutes)


We get so caught up in breakfast being “eggs,” or "oatmeal,” that we forget that breakfast is really just another meal. If you can reframe your definition of breakfast this way, you don’t even have to make breakfast, it’s already done!

If it includes a protein, vegetables and healthy fat, bonus points to you!

2) Hard Boiled Eggs (prep time: 15 minutes)


Set it and forget it! Hard boiled eggs need no tending to! Throw them in a sauce pan, go about your morning routine and 15 minutes later you have an easy breakfast that you can transport and eat on the go.

Meal prep a half dozen or more at a time to have multiple days of breakfast at your fingertips!

3) Breakfast Casserole (Prep time: 45 minutes)


Most people wouldn’t make this the morning of, but if you have 45 minutes on a weekend afternoon, prep your breakfast in advance. This egg casserole is a delicious, easy recipe. It has everything you need, protein, healthy fat and vegetables and easily reheated.

Check it out here!

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Awkward? Intimidated? Confused?

Gym-timidation is real, but RD’s got your back!