Stephanie P. of Monroe, NY


"So, one of the things that we talk about at RD is, 'what is your ‘why’?'

As a mom, two of my 'whys' are my daughters, Meghan and Lori. Another one is my grandmother. She’s 90 and she is like the energizer bunny. There’s nothing that grandma won’t help you with. She’s awesome. She wants to do the wash, the ironing, the dishes, mop the floors - she’s just a very active person. 

So, even though she grew up in a generation that didn’t “go to the gym,” she just always did these movements in her regular life, being an active person, that at 90 she’s still going strong.

She’s just such an inspiration to be able to do that, since I’m not outside milking the cow and bailing hay, and doing the things that she did when she was a little girl growing up on the farm. I come here and learn to lift heavy things, and hinge and deadlift, and plank and swing. All of those things help me to be strong physically, and I’m hoping, God willing, I can reap the benefits of that later on because I think that’s just such a key for her."

—Stephanie P. of Monroe, NY

Joseph ScaranoComment